December 26, 2016

Canada Goose Down jackets: zoom on the models of the moment

Let it be said, the jacket is not always the most glamorous alternative to the radius of the overcoat. Still, well chosen and well worn, canada goose canada, the rival of the winter parka says a little style with this undeniable big: keep ultra-chaud! Here’s how to combine practical and chic in all circumstances.

Models trend: down jackets XXL “ultra-light” vs

Two schools for this it of winter spotted on Chanel and Fendi or even Moschino, Herm├Ęs parades in different versions: how “bibendum” or instead with finesse. Both are allowed this season: canada goose bomber sale to you so to find the model depending on your body and your lifestyle.

The advantage of skinny models, with or sans-manche else and venus nearly joining the rank of the basics, it’s that they can slip easily under your coat. You will then have the choice of the colours and even more than present printed this winter.

Choose his down jacket

We’re careful with this sensitive piece! Ill-suited = assured fashion missteps.

We take so good care to find a harmonious Cup depending on her figure. The fusiform can pretty much everything afford (once again!): Canada Goose Sale, medium or short, fitted, curved or more oversized.



The more voluptuous prefer a model that is mid-length to hide for example coated hips, or an “a-line” sleek forever more of style and modernity.

Keep in mind that a model that is too tight can quickly “boudiner” and pack the silhouette, including that of the thinnest, and even vulgar or corny.

Think of belt… To mark the size and make this more feminine touch to your look.

Wear the jacket

If you choose sports, mix it with a pair of sneakers and jeans if possible adjusted, to keep nice proportions.
To go to the office, opt for a more urban model, canada goose sale montreal with a pair of ankle boots or low boots.

Note that a thin round-neck model can also quite replace a small jacket, nicely worn over jeans with a line and a pair of heels.

Canada Goose | Simons

And with a dress, we have the right? Yes, provided you have flat feet shoes which don’t rise too high, which would “cut” the pace; point too elaborate shoes, boots or stilettos, you would lose in chic and modern. For this option, think about the big wool tights or opaque, avoid the flesh and the veils.

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