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Visited a Canada Goose Outlet Cold Room where you can test its jackets in below-freezing temperatures

Shopping for a winter coat can be incredibly hard because you won't know how it'll perform until you actually wear it in ideal outdoor conditions. And by then, it's likely too late to return it if it doesn't live up to expectations.

To let customers experience before buying, Canada Goose has installed the "Cold Room" in select stores that simulate cold-weather conditions and what it's like to wear its gear in cold weather — particularly useful if you're shopping during warmer seasons.

Canada Goose assigns a Thermal Experience Index (TEI) rating to all of its products. The Cold Room lets shoppers put the ratings to the test, even at below-freezing temperatures. The company stands firmly behind the TEI, but considering how expensive Canada Goose apparel can be, the Cold Room is a way back up its claims.

I visited the Cold Room at the Canada Goose store at the Mall in Short Hills, in New Jersey, to learn more about the TEI and what it's like to try out this store feature.

What is Canada Goose's Thermal Experience Index?

Canada Goose
Canada Goose

Fill power is a number that measures the amount of space one ounce of down will fill in cubic inches. Generally, higher fill power is an indication of higher quality down being used, making it a warmer garment for the wearer. While most winter coats have a fill power rating, people often struggle to understand what that means in terms of real-world use.

Is a jacket with a 750 fill power rating really that much warmer than a different jacket with a 700 fill power rating? Do I need a higher fill power if I'm only outside for a few minutes at a time during the winter?

To help customers determine which garments suit their needs, Canada Goose developed its TEI rating, which outlines the different levels of warmth and best uses. Everything from raincoats and vests to hoodies and parkas gets its own TEI rating.

When picking out a Canada Goose jacket to test, the TEI ratings definitely helped me make a decision. I went with the Crofton Puffer Jacket because it's lightweight, has a modern puffer design, has lots of versatile features for wearing in city environments, and features a TEI 4  rating. It's one step higher than the fundamental everyday warmth TEI 3 garments provide, yet not as extreme as TEI 5 garments designed for the coldest places on earth.

What it's like inside a Canada Goose Cold Room

Canada Goose
Outside of The Cold Room, a digital thermostat reads a temperature of 0 degrees. Amir Ismael/Insider

The Cold Room is a small temperature-controlled, in-store facility designed to help you test cold-weather Canada Goose products before you buy them. The thermostat was set to 0-degrees Fahrenheit, but it can be adjusted (at or below freezing) depending on the temperature you want to test your jacket.

Canada Goose
The interior of The Cold Room features ice blocks to show you just how cold it is inside. Beyond the glass windows, you can see other stores in the mall. Amir Ismael/Insider

I casually stepped in with my Canada Goose Crofton Puffer unzipped, but quickly realized that 0-degrees Fahrenheit is a lot colder than an average winter day in New Jersey. After putting the hood on and zipping up the jacket, the upper half of my body was completely warm.

I stayed inside the Cold Room for about 10 minutes and could feel the freezing cold air ripping through my jeans, but I couldn't feel a bit of cold elsewhere with the Crofton Puffer on.

Canada Goose
Amir wearing the Crofton Puffer in cold winter rain (left) and over his shoulders using the interior straps (right). Amir Ismael/Insider

Granted, you will end up wearing your jacket in real-world cold weather for much longer than 10 minutes at a time, but the Cold Room gave me the confidence to know that my jacket could handle it when the time came. Every time I wore my jacket in real-world cold weather, I was reminded of how effective the Cold Room test was.

Although I used the Cold Room to test a winter jacket this past season, it's also a great way to gauge the performance of lighter-weight jackets and hoodies ideal for transitional spring weather or layering.  

Testing Canada Goose jacket in The Cold Room

The bottom line

Although Canada Goose provided the jacket for the purpose of testing and reviewing, my experience in the Cold Room helped me understand why Canada Goose jackets are priced higher than many options on the market. 

Canada Goose is driven by performance and results, and its products directly reflect that. The jackets are made with the highest quality materials and lab- and field-tested technology that translates to real-world warmth. 

It's tough to justify spending so much on a jacket even if you can afford it, but Canada Goose's products live up to their cost. If there's a Canada Goose Cold Room near you, I recommend it as a way to experience the products' warmth for yourself.